Alliander increases client satisfaction using Ideo MQM.

About Alliander

Alliander is a combination of the companies Liander, Liandon, and Endinet. Together they are responsible for the energy distribution in large parts of The Netherlands. Futhermore, they are THE expert where it concerns complex private energy grids and installations. Liandon designs, builds, manages, and maintains complex private energy grids and large sometimes industrial installations in The Netherlands and abroad. Liandon works for major clients such as TenneT and for clients with their own energy grid such as Agriport and Corus.

The Challenge

Every year the DNV GL, an organisation responsible for quality control of in-use meters, requests Alliander to carry out a meter check on a number of kWh-meters for a specific population. The starting point is that not all meters have to be checked, but instead a periodical random meter check is preformed in a specific population. If these calibrations should reveal that a number of the kWh-meters are not up to scratch, all meters in this segment of the population are to be replaced during the next annual expection. To ensure the quality of this process and to increase efficiency the process needs to be digitalised and made uniform.

Measurements specialists from Alliander work more efficiently using MQM. The digitalisaton of the calibration process makes a paper administration obsolete and improves quality.

Selected Solution

SAP ECC randomly generates a pool of orders for a specific meter type that needs to be calibrated. The job preperator is responsible for assigning orders to the correct measurements specialist. After having been allocated an order the measurements specialist can make an appointment with the client for a calibration. The calibration process is now performed by Ideo Mobile Quality Management, in short MQM, thus no paper is required.

Previously, the meter calibration was done using a paper form. Now a measurements specialist can carry out his/her job on his/her tablet digitally. The measurements specialist can easily and step by step walk through the steps and then digitally record the information needed to carry out the calibration. Upon closing the order de data is automatically transferred to SAP ECC backend. The MQM sollution is completely in sink with the company’s current process in the SAP systeem.

Ideo’s product MQM was chosen as the backend proces was already in SAP ECC. The mobile application MQM is based on SAP Mobile Platform and seamlessly integrates with this. Futhermore, MQM ensures that measurements specialists always work with the most recent versions of the calibration form, which makes any calibration valid. MQM covers the required functionality required for the process. Additional functionality has been added to allow meter information to be adjusted, among other things.

Result and Advantages

  • Time is saved due to improved work efficiency, which is down to the digitalisation of the process.
  • A paper administration becomes obsolete and the measurements specialists can in any situation of deviation take action more swiftly.
  • The quality of the produced work improves and with it client satisfaction.


Client: Alliander

Utilised solutions:

  • Ideo MQM (Mobile Quality management)



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