Improved quality due to digitalisation of inspections with Ideo MQM.

About Alliander

Alliander is a combination of the companies Liander, Liandon, and Endinet. Together they are responsible for the energy distribution in large parts of The Netherlands. Furthermore, they are THE expert where it concerns complex private energy grids and installations. Liandon designs, builds, manages, and maintains complex private energy grids and large sometimes industrial installations in The Netherlands and abroad. Liandon works for major clients such as TenneT and for clients with their own energy grid such as Agriport and Corus.

The Challenge

Liandon works with high voltage, complex medium voltage, gas, and industrial installations. One part of this is the realisation of multiple connections. This connection work is executed by both internal and external contractors, but Liandon performs any check ups on these connections themselves. This process needs to be digitalised in order to ensure quality and in case it is necessary to make adjustments more swiftly.

The digitalisation of the control process allows contractors to be brought up to date more quickly in case of deviations in quality.

Selected Solution

Contractors receive their connected job tickets through the planning package ClickSoftware. This package is responsible for planning a job with the correct contractor, who thereupon can execute the job. All activities performed by the contractors are checked by Alliander quality inspectors. Ideo Mobile Quality Management, in short MQM, delivers this quality process without the use of paper. MQM seamlessly connects with their current SAP process and the ClickSoftware system.

Previously, quality inspectors did check ups on connections using a paper form. Now an inspector can carry out his/her job on his/her tablet in the field. The quality inspector can easily and step by step walk through the digital inspection and records if activities have been executed correctly. Thanks to MQM the recording, analysing, and follow up on quality check ups are improved. Furthermore, the inspector can do his/her check ups in a user-friendly manner.

Ideo’s product MQM was chosen as the backend process is already in SAP ECC. The mobile application MQM is based on SAP Mobile Platform and seamlessly integrates with this. Furthermore, MQM ensures that inspectors only work with the most recent versions of the check up form, which ensures check ups are always valid. MQM covers 80% of the required functionality needed for the process. Ideo realised the other 20% in collaboration with Alliander. Additional functionality has been added to allow the creation of PDF rapports, the preparation of offline job tickets, and the insertion of photos, among other things.

MQM has been implemented in Alliander using the Agile/Scrum project method. Using Scrum extra client specific functionalities were realised in three sprints of three weeks each. The Agile/Scrum method made sure that the MQM product could be delivered to Alliander rather quickly and the three sprints provided the desired and proper client specific functionalities.

The excellent collaboration between Ideo and Alliander as well as the Agile/Scrum project method are the reason this project was realised on time and within budget.

Result and Advantages

  • The digitalisation means contractors are brought up to speed more quickly in case of deviations in quality.
  • The quality of produced work has improved.
  • Client satisfaction has been increased.


Client: Alliander

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP QM
  • Ideo MQM (Mobile Quality Management)

Project lead time: The starting date was 20 Augustus 2012 and the Go-live was 15 December 2012. During this period the installation of the complete required mobile landscape was realised including the roll-out on the mobile devices.


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