AMC optimalises their proces using Movilizer for SAP PM/CS and notices that throughput time on work orders decreased considerably.

About AMC

The Academisch Medisch Centrum, AMC for short, is one of eight medical university centers in The Netherlands and is considered to be part of the international top of academic medicine. Both of AMC’s maintenance services, Directoral housing and Energy Company, are responsible for carrying out maintenance inside and around the hospital.

The Challenge

The challenge was to be able to utilise mechanics more effectively, namely more hands-on-tool-time, by utilising digital job tickets. The digital job tickets yielded AMC shorter transit times. As it was no longer necessary for a mechanic to walk back to the teamleader to hand in the old job ticket and receive a new one, but instead could start the next job immediately.

AMC saves precious time now that employees can use a digital worksheet on their iPad or iPhone which is directly linked to planning with SAP MRS.

Selected Solution


Ideo aspires after the best mobile solution for its clients. It advises clients based on their specific situation, which solution would be most suitable for taking their processes mobile.

In the specific case of AMC this was Movilizer, because:

  • No extra systems are necessary with the utilisation of Movilizer Cloud.
  • No initial investments in licences are needed with flexible SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription as a base.
  • Movilizer uses a management organisation’s available knowledge. The complete configuration and client specific developments are done in SAP, a standard tool with which the organisation is already familiar.
  • It runs on any desired mobile device. However, it is important for AMC that the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini are supported by the same application so any configuration and/or development only has to be done once.
  • There is standard support for online and offline work, which allows users to keep on working even in areas within the hospital without an internet connection. This was the case in several hospital areas during the outset of the project.
  • Over 90% of functionality is readily available and can be configured.

After a successful project AMC officially went live on 1 Augustus 2013 using Movilizer for its mobile transaction of service and maintenance processes.

Movilizer for SAP PM/CS was also included in the CareCTRL template as an add-on and thus became the standard solution for taking service and maintenance processes mobile.

Result and Advantages

  • AMC saves valuable time as employees can access a digital work sheet on their iPad, iPad mini or iPhone, which is directly linked to planning using SAP MRS. Employees no longer physically have to get new job tickets.
  • The throughput time of work orders has been substantially reduced. The amount of time needed for the entire operation, from preparation and planning up until the registration of executed activities and invoicing has been sped up.
  • With the solution everything is logged in digitally and as soon as the job has been finished mobility it is automatically recorded in SAP.
  • The mobile application allows employees to view their workschedule and the documentation of technical objects, as well as record any taken actions, log in their hours, and complete work on their portable. Logging all these things into the mobile application means that physical files no longer have to be taken on the road and assures that employees on site always have a clear overview of any available information and the situation.
  • The current implementation is a firm basis for any future expansions of the mobile maintenance process.


Client: AMC

Utilised solutions:

  • CARECTRL Service Management
  • Movilizer for SAP PM/CS



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