BAM Materials experienced increased efficiency and quality improvement due to the use of SAP MRS and Ideo Mobile Work Management.

About BAM Materials

Royal BAM Group a joint-stock company is active in construction, real estate, civil development, public and private collaboration, mechanical and electrical contracts, engineering, and consultancy. BAM has approximately 28,000 employees and is responsible for hundreds of projects each year. Projects can vary from big large scale technically complex projects to projects related to construction contracts.

The services BAM delivers differ with each department. For instance, BAM Materials delivers the following services:

  • The inspection and maintenance of materials.
  • The inspection and maintenance of cranes and hoists.
  • Construction engineering and geometrical activities.
  • Facilitating sites.
  • Consulting on and developing new materials.
  • The supervision of projects.
  • The optimisation of maintenance.

The Challenge

BAM Materials has a department for site facilitation called BPI. This department’s goal is to achieve process optimisation.

SAP MRS and Ideo’s Mobile Work Management are responsible for making work processes more efficient to save costs.

Selected Solution


SAP Multi Resource Scheduling is the ideal solution for BAM to equip the planning department with the right resources and planning information. A planning profile per discipline provides a planner with relevant information and gives a warning when planning rules are being violated. If an urgent malfunction should occur it is vital for a planner to have a detailed and complete overview of the planning and location of employees. Furthermore, it is essential for projects to be able to check on the availability of desirable employees and materials for the long term.

Mobile Work Management

Mobile Work Management provides mechanics with relevant data on their mobile devices to facilitate the performance of daily activities. The application offers a mechanic insight into his/her weekly as well as daily planning and makes it possible to view order and planning details. The planner and mechanic always have the most recent data due to the constant Internet connection.

Project phasing

Phase 1, May-September (2009):

The implementation of MRS and informing the field organisation using the Mobile Work Management solution.

Phase 2, January-April (2010):

The registration of hours and the digital transaction.

Products and Optimisation

To realise BAM Materials’s wishes and desires SAP BackOffice products were utilised. A part of this is the optimisation of the maintenance and service process. It was realised that the integration of work orders from Maintenance and Service are communicated to MRS.

Extra functionalities were added SAP MRS and Mobile Work Management to further optimise the process. The extra functionalities are:

  • Navigation
  • Reporting
  • The accountability of both productive and unproductive hours.
  • An automatic calculation of travel time based on the number of kilometers and in accordance with the collective employment agreement.
  • The integration of signatures and the digitalisation of job tickets.

An analysis of the processes revealed that with the use of SAP MRS and Ideo’s Mobile Work Management work processes could become more efficient, which would save costs. SAP MRS combined with a graphic worksheet have been utilised to plan orders per mechanic. The Mobile work Management application is used in combination with MRS to provide mechanics with digital work orders. A mechanic can view work orders on his/her mobile device and carry them out immediately. When the order is completed and signed for, the digital job ticket is automatically emailed to the client and linked to the work order in SAP.


The implementation was initially tested in a development environment. The execution of the functional and unit tests ensures that they work as they should. Afterwards, the developments were carried over to the testing environment and it is here that the client can test the integral workings of the developments along with the users who can perform an acceptance test. This will form the foundation for the implementation in the production environment. After the implementation planners can set to work with MRS directly after a short training.

It was decided to have a number of employees work with Mobile Work Management on their PDA’s for a number of weeks to gather feedback. Subsequently, there was a phased roll-out within the department.

Result and Advantages

  • Costs can reduced through the utilisation of SAP MRS and Ideo’s Mobile Work Management. Work processes can be planned and executed more efficiently.
  • A planning profile per discipline offers the planner an overview of all relevant information and gives a warning when planning rules are violated.
  • It gives a detailed and compete overview of the planning and the location of employees.
  • All relevant data is available on the mobile devices to support the performance of daily activities.
  • Both planning and mechanics always work with the most current data.


Client: BAM Materials

Utilised Solutions:

  • Ideo Mobile Work Management



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