Lean IT, Ideo’s business consultancy method, helps clients gain insight into processes, collecting requirements, and in preparing a package selection.

About Bosch Thermotechnology Belgium

Bosch Thermotechnology integrates international and regional thermotechnology brands, such a Bosch, Buderus, and Junkers.
The range of products being introduced to the market by Bosch Thermotechnology offers advanced systems in energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. This includes such things as floor and wall models of boilers and heat pumps, solar boilers and solid fuel boilers, cogeneration installations and industrial boilers.

The Challenge

The challenge for management is twofold. On the one hand, there is an international project within Bosch, in which different land-organisations transfer to a more uniform template solution for service processes and systems.

On the other hand, it turned out that the current IT landscape has been running for a considerable time and through the years a number of fringe applications and interfaces have been implemented to support business processes. This includes such things as a planning tool, mobile applications, track and trace, reports, and a web booking tool. A system with less interfaces will have to pave the way for an increase in efficiency and robustness of the different service processes.

Through the years, the IT landscape within Junkers and Buderus has developed itself into a complex heterogeneous landscape. In replacing the backend system, it is important that the relationship between these systems is clearly mapped.

The goal for this project is to produce a complete process analysis of Bosch Thermotechnology, including the process demands and wishes to be used for a package selection. The biggest challenges with this were:

  • An overview of the IT landscape in relation to the business processes.
  • An account of the compete integral business processes, end-to-end.
  • A detailed account of the process steps, including the roles.
  • An overview of the necessary system functions to reoccur in the new IT system.
  • A determination of the chokepoints and recommendations for process optimisation.
  • A joint determination of future requirements, in order to adequately respond to future changes in the market.

Lean IT, Ideo’s business consultancy method, helps clients gain insight into processes, collecting requirements, and in preparing a package selection.

Chosen Solution

Ideo’s Lean IT, Business consultancy method was chosen to optimise the service and maintenance processes. Ideo had a facilitating role in mapping the wishes and demands in the processes.

Why Ideo

From previous collaborations it was evident that Ideo has vast expertise where it concerns integral service processes. Furthermore, the method suggested by Ideo to map all service processes was a great fit with the way Bosch works.


The results of the project:

  • A detailed process analysis, in which every process has been drawn up in a process diagram.
  • The functional and system related wishes and demands have been drawn up for each process.
  • Knowledge of processes is shared between employees, implicit training.
  • A clear overview of all interfaces running within the company.
  • A functional account for each interface and timing once the interface is running.


  • Insight into current business processes.
  • Insight into the current complex IT landscape.
  • A foundation for process optimisation for the new future platform.
  • Functional process wishes and demand based on the current and future situation for package selection.
  • Involvement of all employees.


Client: Bosch Thermotechnology Belgium

Utilised Solutions

Business consultancy – Ideo’s Lean IT method

Underlying Information

Bosch is a service organisation delivering service for the purpose of among others:

  • Mechanics
  • Final customers
  • Building companies
  • Managers

Asset maintenance through budget friendly two-year contracts, which confirm with legal obligations, up to a yearly all-in contract for CV and Solar, and before long much more, such as heat pumps, bigger capacity for commercial ends, etc.

Catchment area: all of Belgium


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