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Vincent van Gogh is the first GGZ-organisation to choose CareCTRL to further optimise business processes.

About Vincent van Gogh

GGZ-organisation Vincent van Gogh offers treatment and counselling to clients with psychiatric issues. The support is focused on recovery and maximal participation in society.

PinkRoccade Healthcare and Vincent van Gogh are no strangers and since 2004 the GGZ-organisation has been using PSYGIS Quarant, an electronic filing system for client information by PinkRoccade Healthcare tuned to the wishes of a user in the mental healthcare system.

The Challenge

With the help of the Facility Management module approximately 2100 employees are offered self service. Employees and clients of the GGZ-organisation can report malfunctions, repairs, and service requests on the webportal 24/7, which means they are followed up on more efficiently. The module Real Estate and Installation Management were implemented with Service and Maintenance for the maintenance of 150 buildings. These two modules ensure an integral conduct of business for Service and Maintenance. This means processes can follow each other more quickly and there is more insight.

Employees and clients of the GGZ-organisation can report malfunctions, repairs, and service requests on the webportal 24/7, which means they are followed up on more efficiently.

Selected Solution

The implementation of CareCTRL means Vincent van Gogh is going to utilise the following modules Finance and Control, Purchase and Logistics, Service and Maintenance, and Personnel, Organisation HR and Payroll.

CareCTRL is a predefined standard ERP-product designed according to the best practice of the healthcare market. The introduction of CareCTRL means that the quality and efficiency of business conduct is better secured. Considerable savings are expected on purchase and logistics. Vincent van Gogh decided on a so called single-vendor approach, which means that the technical application maintenance and technical infrastructure maintenance by CareCTRL and many other software products are hosted in PinkRoccade’s cloud solution, Pink Private Cloud.

Ideo will implement the modules Service and Maintenance within the template CareCTRL. The Service and Maintenance solution is part of the SAP CareCTRL template by PinkRoccade Healthcare. This solution is completely integrated with the other CareCTRL components, such as Finance, Control, Human Resources, Purchase, and Logistics.

Our Branch Specific Solution

Ideo developed in collaboration with PinkRoccade Healthcare the Service and Maintenance solution. The modules Medical Technique, Real Estate and Installation Management, IT and Facility Management were developed with practical experience combined with years worth of expertise and Ideo’s experience in the field of service and maintenance in SAP. During the development recommendations and guidelines of the Healthcare branch were taken into consideration.

Result and Advantages

  • CareCTRL is hosted in the cloud solution by PinkRoccade, the Pink Private Cloud. This is supposed to yield a profit by diminishing complexity, the burden of management, and implementation time.
  • The combination of PSYGIS Quarant and CareCTRL creates a seamless integration between client files and the ERP-system. This can greatly increase the quality of healthcare processes, which in return improves the quality of healthcare.
  • Reports of malfunctions, repairs, and service requests are followed up on more efficiently.


Client: GGZ-organisation Vincent van Gogh

Utilised Solutions:

  • CareCTRL Service and Maintenance – Real Estate – and Installation Management
  • CareCTRL Service and Maintenance – Facility Management



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