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About Lamb Weston/ Meijer

Lamb Weston/ Meijer, resided in The Netherlands, produces potato products for the EMEA region. Lamb Weston/ Meijer produces among other things twisters, potato wedges, different types of fries, and dried potatoes for the food industry and retail. Lamb Weston/ Meijer’s main office is situated in Kruiningen. The organisation has five factories in commission, namely three in The Netherlands, one in the UK, and one in Austria.

In order to make production as efficient as possible, assets, such as factory lines, should be and remain in perfect working order. This requires a first-rate implementation of corrective and preventive maintenance and an accurate and up-to-date overview of asset availability taking the form of a stop planning.

Standardisation, centralisation, and integration play a major role in Lamb Weston/ Meijer. One of the most important requirements surrounding maintenance planning is one complete overview of the availability of assets, employees, and labour demand. Integration and utilisation of the standard plays a major role.

Implementing SAP MRS has ensured that Lamb Weston/ Meijer has realised an integrated, standard, and central planning solution within their main office in Kruiningen. This planning solution serves as a template for the other locations. The SAP MRS application provides an overview of the availability of assets, resources, and a complete overview of activities to be carried out. As a result of this Lamb Weston/ Meijer is capable of producing an efficient stop planning and also plan corrective maintenance and rush jobs.

The Challenge

The goal of the project is to produce an integral and central planning system, which will provide standardisation, provides insight, and offers the following functionalities:

  • A stop planning for factory assets.
  • Asset availability in a line-stop to carry out activities.
  • All maintenance activities to be carried out in a specific period.
  • Third parties employed on the assets in the factory.
  • Related activities to be planned simultaneously.
  • Activities to be planned to an individual.

Lamb Weston/ Meijer will now be able to utilise the available moments of assets more efficiently, possess better insight into which activities need to be carried out, and have knowledge of which resources can carry out these activities. This allows assets and resources to be utilised optimally.

The Solution

Lamb Weston/ Meijer chose SAP MRS because of its integral character. SAP MRS provides insight on two different levels:

1.       Insight into the availability and remaining activities of all assets.
2.       Insight into the availability and individually planned activities.

With SAP MRS Lamb Weston/ Meijer has all the information to optimally utilise assets and internal and external personnel in order to plan remaining activities.

SAP MRS provides a uniform way of working in which the Kruiningen location has an exemplary role and as a template it will be rolled-out internationally. Furthermore, the solution is sustainable through the utilisation of standard SAP MRS.

Result and Advantages

  • Work becomes more efficient due to the integral and standard SAP system.
  • Utilising production stop time as efficiently as possible.
  • Entry at the source and processing data in SAP.
  • Swift user acceptance due to close involvement.
  • A reduction of maintenance costs and a solution completely integrated in SAP.

The implementation of SAP MRS is only the first step for Lamb Weston/ Meijer. Specific choices were made to utilise a standard solution expanded with a number of specific supporting functionalities. SAP MRS will be rolled-out internationally and an expansion of functionalities is still a possibility for the future.



  • Potato producer Lamb Weston/ Meijer
  • Number of internal maintenance employees to be supported: 20
  • Number of external maintenance employees to be supported: 250
  • Number of locations involved: 6

Utilised Products:

  • SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)SAP MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling)
  • Ideo MRS Data+
  • Ideo MRS Maintenance template

Three months, from blue print all the way to the go-live.

You can read more about this in the following reference:
Article VNSG Magazine June 2016


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