SAP MRS and Ideo’s mobile solution are accountable for improved communication between the technical specialist in the field and the front desk.

About Plantin and Tetterode

Tetterode and Plantin are the biggest suppliers and full-service providers for the graphic sector in The Netherlands and Belgium. Tetterode and Plantin offer production lines, products, consumer goods, courses, service and maintenance services for the pre-press, press, and post press.

The Challenge

An internal investigation into the current service and maintenance process created a need to further optimise this process.

Tetterode and Plantin have over 100 technical specialists in their employment who work on a number of different locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. The internal investigation revealed a need for a more optimal management of information between specialist and front desk. Tetterode and Plantin already had SAP as their ERP system and therefore SAP applications were used which seamlessly integrated with the current SAP system to fulfill their requirements. SAP applications were chosen as they fill the desired functionalities and to avoid pricey third party software interfaces.

The client receives better service due to improved communication between the technical specialist and front desk.

Selected Solution

Ideo customised the SAP service and maintenance process to improve communication between the specialist in the field and front desk. In order to achieve this a combination was realised between SAP planning and mobile solution.

SAP Multi Resource Scheduling, MRS in short, SAP’s planning solution was employed at Tetterode and Plantin. Orders created by the service desk are viewable in MRS planboard. A planner can directly access the availability of specialists from a responsible division and can plan orders to the available specialists quite easily with the drag and drop principle.

Planned orders immediately appear on the technical specialist’s PDA. A specialist can then accept the order and navigate to the job site on his/her PDA through the order.

After completing the activities the specialist can simply enter the readings and features of the technical object on his/her laptop with SAP Mobile Asset Management, MAM in short. It is also possible to report back worked hours and used materials. The application creates a service report which the client can sign to consent, after which the report is send to the client by email.

SAP MRS makes it possible to add department and order specific features to the deployment planning. Each department can get their own profile to provide a planner with the correct data and an alert when planning rules are being violated.

If a malfunction occurs it is important to have a detailed insight into the daily planning and the locations of technical specialists. For long term project work it is very important that the availability of desired personnel and other resources, such as tools and materials, can be checked.

Ideo implements based on the founded ASAP method. The desired functionalities have been developed based on standard SAP. Predetermined basic functionalities which were recorded in the design ensured that the specified application were delivered within the tight schedule of the project. Ideo developed some timely demonstrations and acceptance tests within the product which led to a number of different changes by the organisation.

Result and Advantages

  • The client receives better service due to improved communication between the technical specialist and front desk.
  • Client satisfaction has gone up due to the optimisation of the service and maintenance process.
  • This also increased the likelihood of a first time fix.
  • The billing process has been sped up due to the mobile solution. A client can see what activities have been carried out, he/she signs directly giving their consent.


Client: Plantin and Tetterode

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure



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