WonenBreburg uses Ideo’s Mobile Rental Mutation solution for the inspection of their real estate. The workload has decreased while the reliability of data has increased.

About WonenBreburg

WonenBreburg is a regional public housing official offering security in housing to all its tenants. They highly value service and client satisfaction.

The Challenge

In order to guarantee a tenant the security of a house one of the requirements is an optimisation of the inspection process. The inspection process is one of the activities to be done after an accommodation has been terminated, a so-called rental mutation.

The application has been equipped with only minimal configurations and adjustments to support the entire rental mutation inspection process making typing written tickets a thing of the past.

Selected Solution

WonenBreburg chose SAP in combination with SAP Mobile Infrastructure, MI in short, to realise and integrate the inspection process. SAP Mobile Asset Management, MAM in short, was adopted as the mobile application. This application has been equipped with only minimal configurations and adjustments to support the entire rental mutation inspection process.

Planned inspections are send to SAP from the existing application Empire and through WebServices. After which the entire inspection process is carried out in SAP and MI/MAM. When the last inspection has been carried out data is send to Pharos from SAP, which then guides the executing experts. The inspection process has completely been erected in the standard SAP module Customer Service.

The mobile application MAM has been optimised for the inspection process in the follow areas:

  • Screen layout has become more accessible and monitor progress has been modified.
  • New synchronised business objects, SyncBO in short, can be created to exchange extra data between SAP and the mobile inspection module.
  • Mobile interactive PDF forms can be created, which when signed by the tenant are emailed from the mobile inspection module. The inspector and rental brokers have the option to print these documents on site.

The Mobile Rental Inspection solution has the following important features, which allow WonenBreburg to carry out the complete rental inspection process without issues:

  • The inspection list is always up to date and digitally present on the rental broker’s tablet. The inspection list contains the pre- and final inspection, the date, time, and address details.
  • The rental brokers can enter new inspection criteria during the inspection. For every inspection criteria the following things can be entered:
    • The location within a rental unit including any features per element and the action to be taken.
    • The quantity and unit of the action to be carried out, for instance the number of square feet.
    • The costs per action.
    • The one responsible for carrying out the action, either the tenant or the owner.
    • Whether it concerns damage.
    • An additional notification required by the expert to carry out the action correctly.

Result and Advantages

  • The final inspection can be planned on site in agreement with the tenant.
  • Meter readings can be recorded from among other things gas, water, light, and doprimo meters.
  • After the inspection it is possible to generate different reports on site, for instance inspection, damage reports, and kitchen forms, potentially signed by the tenant. These reports can be emailed or printed on site.
  • After synchronisation between SAP and MI/MAM the added inspection is directly available for further processing. With this it is no longer necessary to manually enter data, which decreases the workload and increases the reliability of the data.
  • The information present in SAP is always up to date when operators and desk clerks answer questions by clients.


Client: WonenBreburg

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP in combination with SAP Mobile Infrastructure
  • SAP Mobile Asset Management
  • Client specific configuration



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