Twence achieves quality and efficiency with the utilisation of SAP portal technology to report malfunctions.

About Twence

Twence represents quality deployment of waste as a source of reusable resources. They prepare waste for just this and return raw materials back into the chain. Twence also produces energy from renewable sources. They deploy residual waste as a source of energy for as long as this is the most efficient use. Twence does this with passion, innovation, and prudentially responsible. They respect people and the environment and therefore contribute to a sustainable society.

The Challenge

Twence is a company operating around the clock and deploys multiple shifts. Legally employees are forced to adhere to a break schedule which means colleagues are not always available and meticulous information transfer is crucial. Besides there is a work agreement that all malfunction reports and modifications are to be judged by a team leader.

Co-Think was tasked with bringing about a behavioral change and Ideo was asked to facilitate this in SAP.

Twence won a Silver Award in the category Rapid Delivery. Ideo successfully implemented the report portal during this project.

Selected Solution

The collaboration between production and maintenance has been considerably improved by a joined effort to establish how the correct information can be collected and documented when reporting a malfunction. This is supported by a user-friendly SAP Portal developed by Ideo.

To achieve the goals Co-Think trained Twence employees in carefully analysing and documenting malfunctions. Based on this training a list of demands was drawn up for the supporting application. Accordingly the application was designed and build in the shape of a webportal.

When a production employee opens the webportal they can simply create a malfunction report. Malfunctions are related to the object and the linked objects are directly shown to allow people to see if the problem has happened before or has already been reported.

An interactive questionnaire is used to support the analysis and to facilitate the collection of the correct information. Besides malfunction reports logbook reports can be created to store relevant information. Finally, a modification report can be created through the webportal for suggestions on how to improve the installation.

The malfunction and modification reports are after creation automatically shown on the team leader’s work list. He/she can approve which transfers the reports to job preparation or he/she can send them back with the request to adjust the report. After the activities have been carried out and the report is closed an automatic email with feedback is send to the one who reported it.

Result and Advantages

  • The internal supply of information has increased considerably with the adjustment in reporting malfunctions.
  • There is a positive improvement in the collaboration between production and maintenance.
  • Malfunctions can be analysed and compared more readily to initiate structural improvement.

Twence received the Silver SAP Quality Award.

During the annual SAP Quality Awards Twence won the Silver Award in the category Rapid Delivery. Ideo successfully implemented the report portal during this project. The judges were impressed with the technology, the story, and the behavioral changes of the operators reporting malfunctions.

award twence



Client: Twence

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP PM
  • ABAP Webdynpro
  • SAP WebGui

Project lead time: The project started May 2012 and Twence went live in the spring of 2013.


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